Bandits Outlaw Sprint Series

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Bandits Outlaw Sprint Series


The Sprint Car Bandits series roars back to life, while BOSS gets a promotion!

New for the 2024 season the revitalized Sprint Car Bandits series will continue to serve at the grassroots level, while the Bandits Outlaw Sprint Series will be set aside for true Outlaw type specials.

Two groups, two fun brands, something for everyone!

Our mission is to create an environment in which race teams of ALL sizes can be competitive; to deploy rules that prioritize the driver and chassis setup over expensive horsepower, that inspire involvement and enhance the show.

The Bandits series is based out of Jackson, Minnesota. Our initial focus will be on new opportunities here in the Upper Midwest region. There are a lot of amazing race events already scheduled here in this area! We have zero interest in interfering with events that are already on the books. Our goal is to supplement and to fill the void sometimes left by professional racing.

Please see attached fact sheets for more individual series information. Complete rules for both series can be found here;

For more information or if you would like to book an affordable sprint car race, please contact us at

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Submitted By: Will Eggimann

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